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Bible tour Rome JW


Let yourself be guided by BIBLE TOURS ROME JW through Ancient Rome's ruins and discover the place of relief that competes to this city in the Holy Scriptures.

Why book a tour with BIBLE TOURS ROME JW?

  • Because BIBLE TOURS ROME JW information is accurate and based on our official websites and publications. 

  • BIBLE TOURS ROME JW tours are performed by personnel authorized to carry out this type of work in Italy and spiritually exemplary.

  • Although they are professional tours, BIBLE TOURS ROME JW has prices lower than professional competition because there is only one person behind the site, social media and the researches.

  • BIBLE TOURS ROME JW also includes in the price the list of references and the multimedia used during the tour, extending your experience for the following days.

You can find all these points in the Testimonials section at the bottom of the page and in the posts on BIBLE TOURS ROME JW's social pages.


This is how Rome is often referred to. It's no wonder, since important events have happened here for 3000 years. Among these, some episodes narrated in the Bible you are familiar with. Rome was also the subject of ancient biblical prophecies.


BIBLE TOURS ROME JW has prepared a short overview for you, take advantage of it!

Bible tour Rome JW


"We thoroughly enjoyed the Bible and historical tour of Rome provided by Bible Tours Rome JW. His depth of knowledge and way of explaining what we were seeing brought the Bible to life and helped us develop appreciation for what the first century Christians experienced.  In addition, his love of the Bible was evident in his presentation. We heartily recommend this tour."
(John and Mary Ann Williams, USA)


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