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Please remember that the BIBLE TOURS ROME JW staff also works for other agencies, so if you want to be sure of taking your tour with us, book as soon as you can, at least a month in advance if possible. 

Choose a tour on the page MY TOURS and then book through the page BOOKING & CONTACTS



General precautions

Most of the tours BIBLE TOURS ROME JW offers are long outdoor walking tours and they include uphills and steps. In order to see all the attractions in the established time, there are no stops to sit. So please think carefully if you can't stand the heat/cold or have limited mobility. If this is your case or you have little children remember that it wouldn't be fair to hold back the rest of the group in an open tour. However, we are happy to inform you that both reduced and private tours are available.

BIBLE TOURS ROME JW is not covered by any kind of insurance in case you feel sick or hurt yourself.

Check the weather and dress appropriately. Bring along ponchos and umbrellas if they forecast rain (please read the rain policy under the chosen tour). Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring along plenty of fresh water, sunscreen and a hat in summer and do not overeat before the tour. Our tour leaders are equipped to conduct tours in light rain, cold or heat, so the tour will not be refunded if you cancel for these reasons.




  • It is forbidden to record, take screenshots or photographs during the service due to copyright issues and to participants due to privacy concerns, unless everyone agrees after a specific request.

  • Be sure to turn off the microphone before the tour begins so as not to disturb.

  • It would not be right if others who have not paid their dues were to attend the tour while they are not on camera.

  • It is possible to write down the questions and ask them at the end of the tour at a specific time.

  • The virtual tours are not Christian meetings and their purpose is not to impart spiritual teaching.

In Person Tours
Live Virtual Tours
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