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BIBLE TOURS ROME JW is practically always available if you book well enough in advance, at least a month, except on Thursday afternoons and Sundays.

Please note: although BIBLE TOURS ROME is often available, we don't get so many bookings that we have openings every day. We usually do 2 or 3 tours a week, each of which consists of 1 or 2 bookings, therefore small groups.

This is not the only activity we do to support ourselves.


Please fill in the form ONLY if your question concerns our services in Rome.


WhatsApp: +39 338-1860142 (only messagges)


PLEASE NOTE When you text us please remember to include the following information:

Name, Nr of participants over 10 y.o., Tour chosen, Date, AM or PM (please do not indicate the departure and arrival days as days entirely available).

  • Is this an official tour for Jehovah's Witnesses?
    No it is not. There are no official tours of our organization on the internet. Moreover, no one is allowed to use the JW logo to advertise their products for commercial purposes or to imply that they are "more official" than other similar services. All tours for Jehovah's Witnesses found on the internet are personal initiatives and should be in line with what is said in The Watchtower Study Edition April 2018, Questions From Readers. DISCLAIMER Although the information presented during the tour is based on material provided by the Faithful and Discreet Slave, the tour is intended to give exclusively historical instruction, albeit in light of our beliefs.
  • Why aren't the tours free?
    Because to be able to offer tours in Italy you need to have a license that is obtained by passing exams. This takes time, money and efforts and whoever gets it does it for work, not for hobby. Sometimes BIBLE TOURS ROME JW gives free tours for friends but that can't be done all the time because we do tours for a living. Would you expect a brother mechanic to fix your broken car free of charge just because you are a Jehovah's Witness too? Probably not, because you know he lives off that job. The same thing goes for BIBLE TOURS ROME JW.
  • What should I know before booking a tour?
    Read thoroughly the Terms and Policy under the chosen tour and the page BEFORE YOU BOOK.
  • How much does a tour cost?
    Refer to page MY TOURS or contact us at the addresses above indicated.
  • How do I book a tour?
    You can contact BIBLE TOURS ROME JW through the form above, on WhatsApp (only messages) or via email at the addresses above indicated and ask for availability for specific dates.
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