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Vatican Museums Guide

The opulence of the Catholic Church

  • 2 hours
  • From 35 euros
  • Vatican Museums


PLEASE NOTE: Our main activity is Bible tours, that is, tours based on events narrated in the Bible. Although it is undoubtedly possible to trace several works of art or archaeological finds to biblical subjects in the Vatican Museums, in general these are not artifacts from the 1st century, when the Christian congregation was present in Rome or when the apostle Paul came to Rome, and there are no events occurred during the rule of the apostate Christianity spoken of in the Bible. However, from the point of view of the mastery with which these works of art were created or even just to understand the level of opulence reached by false religion, this is certainly an interesting place to visit. Our licensed guide can walk you through all the features of the Vatican Museums, for example: The Sistine Chapel, the Gregorian-Egyptian Museum, the Raphael Rooms and much more. Our licensed guide will be at your disposal for 2 horus and you will decide how to split your time among these features. PLEASE NOTE this service does not include tickets, we only provide the guide, tickets need to be purchased by the customer (the official website allows you to purchase the tickets starting from a couple of months before the date). We cannot provide a JW guide for the Vatican Museums at the moment, but our staff has been informed of our beliefs and will be very respectful. Bible Tours Rome JW strategy for this service is as follows: 1) contact us to tell us which day you would like to do the tour 2) Bible Tours Rome JW asks for availability as a guide for that day 3) if the guide is available you have 3 days to purchase the tickets independently and book our guide with a deposit WE ONLY ACCEPT REQUESTS AT LEAST 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE. This makes the work easier for us, allowing you to save. - MEETING POINT AND START TIME Inside the Vatican museums, after the security check. The start time should be agreed with our guide. - PRICE The price per person of €35.00 is for groups from 7 people up. The total price of €220.00 is for small groups of up to 6 people and it is valid for an open tour (other brothers and sisters can join us). The cost will be divided among the participants. VAT included. - UPGRADES Large groups: €35.00/person (free under 6) Private tour: +€50.00 Extended tour: +€70.00/hour Holidays in Italy: +€50.00 (January 1,6; Easter Monday; April 25; May 1; June 2; August 15; November 1; December 8,25,26)

Terms and policy

- DEPOSIT For single bookings, a 75% deposit will usually be required, while for multiple bookings, advance payment of the entire sum due will usually be required. If you want to be sure of finding a free slot for your JW Rome tour, book at least 3 months in advance. - ACCOUNT BALANCE You will receive a message from BIBLE TOURS ROME JW before the tour starts with the exact account balance according to the total number of partecipants and it will be calculated as follows: - Only your reservation: total price - your deposit - Multiple reservations up to 6 people in all: (total price / number of partecipants) x members of your group - your deposit - Large groups: (cost per person x members of your group) - your deposit The settlement should be made at the end of the tour. If you want to settle in cash make sure you have the exact amount with you since the tour leaders may have no change on them. - CANCELLATION, NO-SHOW, WAITING AND RAIN POLICY It is possible to cancel until 1 week before the tour starts, then the deposit will be retained. A 30-minute wait is allowed for private tours (it will be counted in the timing though) after which the deposit will be retained and the tour cancelled. A 10-minute wait is allowed when the tour is made of multiple bookings (it will be counted in the timing though) after which the deposit will be retained and the tour will start to respect who has come on time. The real-time location will be shared only via Whatsapp before leaving but any message or phone call will not be taken during the tour. In case of short-light rain it is still possible to do the tour, so please make sure to bring along ponchos and umbrellas. In case of long-heavy rain the tour either will be cancelled with a refund of the entire deposit (before commissions) or rescheduled, when possible, according to both your and BIBLE TOURS ROME JW schedules. - TICKETS AND TRANSPORT The tours do not include any ticket, neither for attractions nor for transportation. PLEASE NOTE: While BIBLE TOURS ROME JW will check in advance, some attractions may be temporarily unreachable due to traffic, events, road closures, maintenance, queues and similar. BIBLE TOURS ROME JW is not responsible for this occurrence and will do its best to replace the attraction in question. - FOOD AND BEVERAGE Breaks and meals are not included. If you choose an extended tour and you want to have a meal, the tours leader's is at your expense. Any stop is included in the time count.


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