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Paul in Rome (short tour)

Retrace the steps of the apostle Paul in Rome

  • 2 hours
  • From 17 euros
  • Historic center of Rome


The stops of the "Paul in Rome (short tour)" are: - Capena Gate - Circus Maximus and Palatine Hill - Forum Boarium - Tiber Island and Trastevere - Theater of Marcellus - Capitoline Hill 1.4 miles long track. The stops indicated can be done at walking pace in the expected time without breaks. If you need a stopover it is likely we may have to skip a stop in order to finish the tour on time. The stops of this tour are places that Paul actually saw or wrote about when he was imprisoned in Rome. We use many quotes, pictures and videos from the Bible and our publications! We share all the references after the tour. - MEETING POINT AND START TIME The meeting point is at the Metro Line B exit “Circo Massimo”. The start times are at 10:00 AM / 4:00 PM June-August and at 11:00 AM / 3:00 PM September-May. The tours are available from Monday to Saturday, compatibly with the commitments of our staff. Make sure in advance you can get to the meeting point on time. Leave well in advance as public transport in Rome is not reliable. ​ - PRICE The price per person of €17.00 is for groups from 7 people up. The total price of €110.00 is for small groups of up to 6 people and it is valid for an open tour (other brothers and sisters can join us). The cost will be divided among the participants. VAT included. - UPGRADES Large groups: €17.00/person (free for children under 10 but they will not receive a radio when they are needed, if parents want their children under 10 to receive a radio they will have to pay the regular fee for them too) Private tour: +€50.00 (with this supplement it is not possible to decide the time but only not to share the tour with other participants) Extended tour: +€50.00/hour (it is possible to extend the tour only if the tour leader has not made other commitments for the next shift and considering a break for a meal, including the tour leader's, at the customer's expense) Holidays in Italy: +€50.00 (January 1,6; Easter Monday; April 25; May 1; June 2; August 15; November 1; December 8,25,26)

Terms and policy

- DEPOSIT For single bookings, a 75% deposit will usually be required, while for multiple bookings, advance payment of the entire sum due will usually be required. If you want to be sure of finding a free slot for your JW Rome tour, book at least 3 months in advance. - ACCOUNT BALANCE You will receive a message from BIBLE TOURS ROME JW before the tour starts with the exact account balance according to the total number of partecipants and it will be calculated as follows: - Only your reservation: total price - your deposit - Multiple reservations up to 6 people in all: (total price / number of partecipants) x members of your group - your deposit - Large groups: (cost per person x members of your group) - your deposit The settlement should be made at the end of the tour. If you want to settle in cash make sure you have the exact amount with you since the tour leaders may have no change on them. - CANCELLATION, NO-SHOW, WAITING AND RAIN POLICY It is possible to cancel until 1 week before the tour starts, then the deposit will be retained. A 30-minute wait is allowed for private tours (it will be counted in the timing though) after which the deposit will be retained and the tour cancelled. A 10-minute wait is allowed when the tour is made of multiple bookings (it will be counted in the timing though) after which the deposit will be retained and the tour will start to respect who has come on time. The real-time location will be shared only via Whatsapp before leaving but any message or phone call will not be taken during the tour. In case of short-light rain it is still possible to do the tour, so please make sure to bring along ponchos and umbrellas. In case of long-heavy rain the tour either will be cancelled with a refund of the entire deposit (before commissions) or rescheduled, when possible, according to both your and BIBLE TOURS ROME JW schedules. - TICKETS AND TRANSPORT The tours do not include any ticket, neither for attractions nor for transportation. PLEASE NOTE: While BIBLE TOURS ROME JW will check in advance, some attractions may be temporarily unreachable due to traffic, events, road closures, maintenance, queues and similar. BIBLE TOURS ROME JW is not responsible for this occurrence and will do its best to replace the attraction in question. - FOOD AND BEVERAGE Breaks and meals are not included. If you choose an extended tour and you want to have a meal, the tours leader's is at your expense. Any stop is included in the time count.


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